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 7th September - Shop News, Art Forum, Advertising, Contests. (1/2)

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PostSubject: 7th September - Shop News, Art Forum, Advertising, Contests. (1/2)   Mon Sep 07, 2009 6:26 pm

First of, I added a new category 'Art' with two sub forums. Any requests on what else to add to it are accepted.

Well, the forum is starting to become dead, so I really need some advertising from you guys. I really want 40+ members fairly soon.

I have been doing alot of contests lately, to boost the number of PokeDollars on members, as the shop is proving unpopular.

I would appreciate suggestions to what I can add to the shop, there will be small rewards for suggestions.

Ok, I will be adding a new contest soon with no PokeDollar reward, but things from the shop as a reward (for free, no cost).

So that was this update, covering events from 2 - 7th September, I think. Enjoy and, uh, yeah.
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7th September - Shop News, Art Forum, Advertising, Contests. (1/2)
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