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 Forum Rules! Read!

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Forum Rules! Read! Empty
PostSubject: Forum Rules! Read!   Forum Rules! Read! EmptyTue Sep 01, 2009 8:10 pm

1. No spamming. You will get a warning, and after 3 warnings you will be banned.

2. No flame wars. Disagreeing with someone may be fine, but flaming someone in a perfectly fine thread results in temp ban.

3. Have fun! Even though there's rules people have to have fun. As long as you don't spam on topics randomly you're fine.

4. Don't ask to be mod. If you ask, you will never be a mod. Fact. Asking therefore is pointless.

5. Double posting is a definate no. If someone double posts, both posts will be merged. If you continue, then they shall be deleted.

6. I do not want people posting after every new post just to get a post count. It will not be accepted.

7. Proper grammar must be used. Example:

"wat is ur fav pokemon?"
Should really be:
"What is your favourite Pokemon?"

8. No creating threads in the Point Shop forum.
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Forum Rules! Read!
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