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 Vulpix's Tale [NEW: Chapter 2 - Star Domain]

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Vulpix's Tale [NEW: Chapter 2 - Star Domain] Empty
PostSubject: Vulpix's Tale [NEW: Chapter 2 - Star Domain]   Vulpix's Tale [NEW: Chapter 2 - Star Domain] EmptyWed Sep 02, 2009 2:04 am

Vulpix's Tale!

Chapter 1 - Sparkly!

Vulpix giggled softly at her friend, Mareep. Mareep had just done her impression of a Growlithe. Priceless. Suddenly, Mareep decided to ask Vulpix a question.

"Hey, Angel, want to go and play with Ghastly?"

"Sure, Fluffy! We can play tag with him again!"

Both Fluffy (Mareep) and Angel (Vulpix) laughed. They happily walked out of their straw hut, which they lived in, and headed towards Abra's spot, a small cove on the Beach. They chatted merrily as they went, and Angel started to show off again. When Angel hatched out of her egg, she shone and she wasn't the usual red Vulpix - she was gold!

As they continued, the sun started to set. Both of them must've forgot the time and thought it was still early morning! As they thought it'd be better to go back to the hut and sleep, a Kadabra appeared in front of them, cackling.

"I have you now!" It's voice sliced through the air, and then the Kadabra used Teleport on the duo, sending them into an unknown place...

Chapter 2 - Starry Domain

Several hours later, Fluffy and Angel woke up. There were standing on a massive, stretched steel platform, which nothing but darkness around them. Well, different colored & sized stars were dotted everywhere.

"Where are we... I'm scared..." Fluffy managed to spit the words out. She was scared, so scared...

"Uhh, umm... D-don't worry. W-we will be ok-k-k-k." Angel tried to sound calm and collected, but she was terrified. She knew she was better off than Fluffy, though.

"Come on, F-fluffy. We have to find a w-w-way out of here." Angel stood on all fours and encouraged Fluffy to get up. When they were both ready, they started walking eastwards.

For a long time. Hour after hour passed. After a total of four hours walking on nothing but a steel platform. Fluffy was drained of her energy. She couldn't walk anymore, it was impossible. Collapsing onto the platform, Fluffy moaned.

"I'm... so... h-h-hungry...." She was so hungry, so weak.

"So... am I, but... we have to continue... if we stay, there won't be... anything happening... We might find food." As Angel spoke, an Alakazam suddenly appeared.

"Come with me." The Alakazam spoke softly, before teleporting them all to a forest. It must've been a different place all together, because it was nothing like the place they were before.

"Eat these." The Alakazam passed over a few dozen of Oran Berries. Fluffy immediately started munching on them. She was nearly starved. Angel was tougher, and only ate a dozen, while Fluffy had two dozen.

"You were kidnapped by Kadabra, correct?" The due nodded slowly.

"I thought so. He transported you to Star Domain. A barren place. Kadabra is my sworn enemy, because he became a follower of the Psymain. A group of Psychic users, dedicated to changing destiny. I am part of the resistance, Psytian. We aim to corrupt the plans of Psymain, however they are lead by Slowking, who hides in the Dark Star Castle, deep within the Star Domain."

"Well, can we help in any way?" Angel piped up. She hated everything evil; Psytian was her kind of thing!

"It will be dangerous, but if you want to, then I shall let you." Alakazam looked towards Fluffy.

"Umm... Do we have to?" Fluffy looked sadly towards Angel, then back to Alakazam. "Ok, then."

"Then up you get, we must head towards the Dark Star Castle. Time is not our friend." Alakazam used Teleport to transport them back into the Star Domain, where they would start the epic journey towards Dark Star Castle!
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Vulpix's Tale [NEW: Chapter 2 - Star Domain]
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