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 Welcome Our New Moderator! [The Results!]

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Poké Professor

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Welcome Our New Moderator! [The Results!] Empty
PostSubject: Welcome Our New Moderator! [The Results!]   Welcome Our New Moderator! [The Results!] EmptyThu Sep 03, 2009 7:36 pm

Ok, guys. Here is the results of the mod contest. It took me a while to decide, and here are my individual evaluations for everybody.

WaiterJoy / Ben

- You had a good application. You've had quite a bit of experience, even though you feel you might not of been good.
- You sound like a happy moderator, which is what people like. Mad, crazy and hard working are all good qualities of a Moderator.
- You like Cheese. That wasn't the extra information I was looking for, but it shows a sense of humour.

Daco / ???

- Well, you didn't say your name... Which you should've, really. But, you want to be a Moderator because you love Dunsparce wasn't really a good idea.
- You have some experience, obviously. I do like a Moderator with experience, they are hard workers.
- You didn't give the information I asked for. You're straight, ok...

The-Golden-Warrior / ???

- Again, you didn't give your name. It seems something you should've done. Your 12, and 'perv'. My reaction was: "Eehhh..."
- You aren't chatmod anymore, it was a little test. You've worked on alot of forums, which you have said before. Not the kind of detail I wanted though.
- Your a tiny big headed, just to point out. Also, flattery won't get you anywhere.

AipomZz / Andy

- Yay, a name! You obviously haven't got much experience, but you seem like you want to learn.
- You can play music, sports and you seem fairly smart. They make you sound like a pretty good person.
- Nice to know you won't quit the forum if you don't get Mod.

AnimalNitrates / Harry

- You know what it requires to be a Moderator, which is fantastic. If a Mod doesn't know they're job, they won't be a good Mod.
- Not a detailed explanation of experience, I could've done with the detail. Your describe yourself as alot of things.
- Nice humour, (or threat), and it seems you'd be a good choice.

callumkid126 / Callum

- You would definately help stopping spam, and won't abuse it - very nice to know.
- Small amount of experience, but you told me what it was, which is what I asked for.
- You hate spam, like me (I really do), and obviously like Pokemon & Zelda.

gible553 / Devin

- You seem like you'll be on ALOT of the time. I doubt 24/7, however. Another spam stopper, very nice indeed.
- Not a whole lot about your experience, like most others. I do want to know about your experience...
- You live in the USA. o.O

garchomp / Chris

- Quote: "i want to become a mod because i can little/non" <--- What does that mean? I really don't think that is a reason.
- You live in Pheonix, Arizona and your favourite pokemon is Garchomp... Well, ok.
Uno Slice To Kill / Lewis
- Nice to know you will stop spam and rule breakers. Signs of a good mod right there.
- Co-founder of a forum, even though it is small... that's pretty nice. You sound like you were a good Moderator.
- Nice pool of hobbies, and you seem to be a very dedicated person from what I can tell.
Well, it was certainly a very hard choice. I'm not going to say who was 2nd, 3rd, 4th etc, because that might disappoint people to find they're 9th or 10th.
Ok, here we go.

Welcome our new mod....


Everyone, please congratulate him on his new status!
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Welcome Our New Moderator! [The Results!] Empty
PostSubject: Re: Welcome Our New Moderator! [The Results!]   Welcome Our New Moderator! [The Results!] EmptyThu Sep 03, 2009 11:03 pm

Awwz congrats aipomz anyway
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Welcome Our New Moderator! [The Results!]
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