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 Pokemon Slashed Sapphire!

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Pokemon Slashed Sapphire! Empty
PostSubject: Pokemon Slashed Sapphire!   Pokemon Slashed Sapphire! EmptySat Sep 05, 2009 3:00 pm

Hey guys, AceOfAura here, with news of my new hack!

For those who haven't seen the video, here is all the information you will need to be able to play my hack!

Quote :
So, after 3 failed attempts, it is done. I said it would be released at 125 subscribers, but I had a problem. I said I'd do it again and it would be released at the first gym - and I had an error. After trying AGAIN, it failed with a map connection problem. But now, it's back and better than ever - my hack, Slashed Sapphire!

Here is an IPS file for it: sendspace.com dvhdqs

You will need a clean Sapphire ROM. Search Google for one.

Here is the application, Lunar IPS (You will need it): http://www.zophar.net/utilities/patchutil/lunar-ips.html

Here is a guide on how to get this hack to work:

1) Open the Lunar IPS (lips).
2) Click 'Apply IPS Patch'.
3) Choose the Slashed Sapphire IPS file.
4) Then choose the Sapphire ROM.
5) You will have a notice saying 'The file has been succesfully patched'.
6) Open your emulator (NoCashGBA or VisualBoyAdvance) with the SAPPHIRE ROM.
7) There you go, the Sapphire ROM will be my hack.

This hack is Alpha stages (before beta). I allow people to record and make walkthroughs of this game. HOWEVER, I would like a credit that the hack is made by AceOfAura in the video description. If you do make a walkthrough, please carry out my wish. (Add this to your video description: "This game hack is created by AceOfAura")

Have fun playing, everybody!

Just follow everything in that guide there, and you'll be on it in notime. Like I said, on Youtube, if you want to do a walkthrough, please inform me & give me credit in the description. Thanks, and enjoy playing! It goes up to Slateport, so 2 badges, and because its an IPS, if you keep training and then patch over the next release, you'll be on advantage.
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Pokemon Slashed Sapphire!
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