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 houen adventures X chapter 1: set sail for houen

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houen adventures X chapter 1: set sail for houen Empty
PostSubject: houen adventures X chapter 1: set sail for houen   houen adventures X chapter 1: set sail for houen EmptyFri Sep 04, 2009 9:12 pm

"I cant belive that we can finally get out of this dump." "yea after 5 years here we can go in a pokemon adventure full of exicement, action, and treasure......" Steven always had weird sparkle in his eyes when ever he thinks about treasure or getting rich, it was strange but i learned to deal with it. the acedemy was all the past and tomorrow mourning is when i pick my starter pokemon and chose what region i will go to on my first pokemon adventure.

bzzzzzzzzzzt bzzzzzzzzzzzzzt bzzzzzzzzzzzzzt. the alarm clock rudely woke me up. i quickly hit the combee clock to shut it up and got out of bed and quickly got ready for the big day. "come on Red your going to be late for your pokemon there going to run out of the pokemon on you list". I made a list of pokemon i wanted but the top pick was a top pick for alot of people so i didnt want them to rum out of them. i dashed to the pokemon acedemy to already see a long line of people outside waiting to get there new partner. in the end i saw Steven and got in line. i saw people coming out with there pokemon and there boat ticket to the region there want to go to. " so Steven do you know what region your going to." "no way, but i know what pokemon im getting, a diglett, there speedy, and can hid underground from attacks, what about you?" "well on the top of my list is a ralts, but if i cant get on of those then ill get a chinchou." the line was fading rapidly but i was worried because i whould see alot of people came out with a ralts, i was crossing my fingers now. After a long time, about 2 hours, i was up front. " can i get a ralts and a ticket for houen". Steven said" why houen"? "well houen will have the most adventure because its part volcano, part forest with towns of treehouses, part sea, part mountion, part desert, that it will be something new everyday". the women on the counter said "im sorry but we are all out of ralts". "really, well i guess can i have a chinchou". she then gave me a pokeball with a lighting sticker on it, ten empty pokeballs, a ticket, and a watch. "whats this?" i showed her the watch. " thats the poketch 3.0, the latest model with a meter that shows your pokemons health in battle". "cool i want one of those, can i get a diglett and i guess a houen ticket". "so are you comeing to houen with me?" Steven shruged "well i guess".

on the way to the harbor, we found out the boat doesnt leave till 11, 15 minutes from now. "hey red, we got time, you want to have a quick battle?" "i guess it will be good training for my chinchou". "training for you, in your dreams i got the advantage" "well see about that".

end of chapter 1
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houen adventures X chapter 1: set sail for houen
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